Our firm has the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge to offer the following services to both individuals and businesses. We can deliver the services you need in a professional, fast, and cost-efficient manner. 

Accounting Services
G&U's broad experience in diverse industries provides us with a special perspective in dealing with our clients' accounting needs. A partial list of accounting services which we can perform include:

* Design and implementation of general accounting systems

* Design and implementation of control systems for inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

* Bookkeeping services and financial analysis.

* Review of an organization's activities or procedures for the purpose of assessing performance or identifying opportunities.

* Design and preparation of specialized management reports.

* Review Reporting - performance of inquiry and analytical procedures which provide us with a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance as to the conformity of financial statements with generally accepted accounting principles, or, if applicable, with another comprehensive basis of accounting.

* Compilation Reporting - presentation in the form of financial statements of information that is management's representations without expressing an opinion or any other form of assurance on the statements.

Tax Planning
G&U is anxious to work with you in developing strategies to reduce your taxes. Recommendations can be made from a myriad of available tax saving opportunities. Our tax research resources include the latest CD-ROM data base technology.

Our tax team has the knowledge, creativity, and analytical ability necessary to help guide you through the maze of tax laws. G&U's personnel specialize in a variety of areas. Our firm encourages creativity by providing training and encouraging personnel to pursue graduate business degrees. We provide reliable advice on how to take advantage of the various tax deferral and shelter methods that exist within the laws and regulations.

Through careful planning, it is likely that your tax liability can be significantly reduced. Effective tax planning requires a disciplined year-round process of evaluating your changing tax situation and available tax planning alternatives. We stand ready to assist you in this planning process.

Gorelick & Uslaner, CPAs (G&U) offers a broad range of services including income tax planning, estate tax planning, retirement planning, preparation of federal, state and local tax returns, installation and support of accounting software, business planning, forensic accounting and traditional CPA services such as audits, reviews and compilations. We have served clients in a wide variety of business areas including manufacturing, real estate, health services, retailing and professional services. Useful, timely, objective information provides individuals and businesses with the tools for making sound business decisions. G&U's business, accounting and tax services are invaluable resources for individuals and executives.

Attest Services
A financial statement audited by G&U is an invaluable tool for obtaining financing, negotiating long-term credit, and reporting to investors, lenders and regulatory agencies.

An audit is the most comprehensive assessment of the presentation of financial data. It entails examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting amounts and disclosures in the financial statements, assessing the accounting principles used, and evaluating the overall financial statement presentation of the company. Audit procedures normally include an examination of source documents and reports, inquiries of company personnel, and analysis of financial trends. The end product of an audit is the expression of an opinion as to the fairness of the financial statements and their conformity with generally accepted accounting principles or another comprehensive basis of accounting such as the cash basis or income tax basis.

An essential part of an audit is understanding the business environment in which a company operates. Our audit team brings to our clients a broad base of business knowledge developed through years of training and experience in a wide range of businesses and industries.

The audited financial statement is also an excellent source of information for stockholders and management. In planning and performing an audit we consider internal controls and accounting procedures in place and test the functioning of key controls and procedures which may affect the presentation of financial da

Our firm provides full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis.

Financial Statements
Our firm prepares professional, GAAP-compliant financial statements as well as tailor-made financial analyses that can help business owners and managers eliminate inefficiency and realize a businesss full profit potential.

Tax Services
Tax compliance involves preparing the government filings necessary for you to comply with federal, state, and local tax laws. At G&U our experienced tax team is ready to assist you in all your tax compliance obligations. Our services include:

* Preparation of income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates and trusts, and non-profit organizations

* Estate and gift tax returns

* Payroll tax returns

* Sales tax returns

* Property tax and business license returns

* Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state and local taxing authorities. We function as an advocate presenting our client's view in a strong and persuasive manner.

* Completion of required tax elections

* Securing rulings from the Internal Revenue Service as a part of a tax plan

Our professionals participate in comprehensive professional development programs including in-house training and attendance at seminars sponsored by respected professional organizations. These programs keep us apprised of the latest tax laws and well prepared to complete tax compliance assignments in an effective and efficient manner.

IRS and State/Local Representation
Our firm knows the tax laws, and we know how your tax return was prepared. We can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well as state and local taxing authorities. We are also experienced in negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS.

Payroll Services
Our firm offers complete payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting services. We prepare all federal and state returns and offer full magnetic media and electronic filing capabilities.

Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Return Preparation
Our firm provides expert preparation of federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns.

Consulting Services
G&U provides its clients with a myriad of other specialized services. For small businesses or investors that do not have an internal accounting staff, we can write checks and handle deposits. For the real estate operator, we can make various calculations commonly required by leases, such as inflation adjustments, allocation of common costs to tenants, rents or lease costs based upon percentage of sales or some other basis for measurement. We will also analyze investment alternatives and assist you with personnel recruitment.

Buying & Selling a Business
Our firm advises prospective business purchasers about local market conditions, industry trends, and the financial condition of an acquisition candidate. If you are selling a business, we can offer advice for obtaining the best possible sales price and contract payout terms.

Estate Planning
An estate plan is an arrangement for the use, conservation, and transfer of an individual's wealth. Estate planning involves much more than merely the preparation of a will. A well thought out estate plan concerns itself with the creation of an estate where none would otherwise exist, the increase of an existing estate to meet the needs of the owner and his or her family, and the preservation and protection of the estate from unnecessary taxes and costs.

A good estate plan should provide for the best utilization of assets during the owner's lifetime and should anticipate for such lifetime needs as funds for children's education, income for retirement, replacement income in the event of disability, and management of the estate in the event of incapacity. A good estate plan must provide for the disposition of assets on death in such a way that the estate being passed on is maximized and is left in accordance with the wishes of the decedent and the needs of the family.

Estate planning requires a team approach which normally involves an individual's accountant, attorney, and other financial advisors. G&U brings a thorough understanding of the laws, many years of estate planning knowledge, and an awareness of our client's needs to this very important team effort.

Business Valuations
Our firm provides cost-effective business valuation services, quickly and efficiently.

Forensic Accounting
G&U's audit, accounting and business expertise provides us with the knowledge to make a unique contribution to a litigation support team. Working on behalf of you and your attorney, we perform analysis and valuation of businesses in business disputes and divorce matters, and we perform specialized audits and review to assist in the resolution of business or insurance disputes.

Sales Tax Services
Our firm prepares all sales tax filings and offers full sales tax audit representation.

Retirement Planning
G&U can be helpful with the establishment of pension and profit-sharing plans. Working with pension consultants, we assist you in designing a plan which will give you the maximum income deferral at the least cost.

We will also assist in the design of necessary administrative procedures for your plan, and we prepare the various reports and information returns required under the Internal Revenue Code, ERISA and the Department of Labor rules and regulations.

If you have a large plan requiring an annual audit, G&U provides personnel specializing in retirement plan audits and associated reporting requirements.