Tax Planning
G&U is anxious to work with you in developing strategies to reduce your taxes. Recommendations can be made from a myriad of available tax saving opportunities. Our tax research resources include the latest CD-ROM data base technology.

Our tax team has the knowledge, creativity, and analytical ability necessary to help guide you through the maze of tax laws. G&U's personnel specialize in a variety of areas. Our firm encourages creativity by providing training and encouraging personnel to pursue graduate business degrees. We provide reliable advice on how to take advantage of the various tax deferral and shelter methods that exist within the laws and regulations.

Through careful planning, it is likely that your tax liability can be significantly reduced. Effective tax planning requires a disciplined year-round process of evaluating your changing tax situation and available tax planning alternatives. We stand ready to assist you in this planning process.

Gorelick & Uslaner, CPAs (G&U) offers a broad range of services including income tax planning, estate tax planning, retirement planning, preparation of federal, state and local tax returns, installation and support of accounting software, business planning, forensic accounting and traditional CPA services such as audits, reviews and compilations. We have served clients in a wide variety of business areas including manufacturing, real estate, health services, retailing and professional services. Useful, timely, objective information provides individuals and businesses with the tools for making sound business decisions. G&U's business, accounting and tax services are invaluable resources for individuals and executives.